School Management System Software

The complete solution software for the management of all school operations from exams to events. We also offer the common interactive platform to combine parents, students and teachers for the online report of daily class activities. Our solution fits perfectly in your needs and requirements.

Key Areas

Digital Ecosystem

Establishing an integrated digital education ecosystem comprising of parents, teachers, students and administrators.

Performance Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluating students' performance through advanced analytics integrated in learning systems.

Hybrid Learning & Personalized Learning

An integrated classroom and digital learning experience with self paced learning with integrated reward system

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School Management Software Services

Students information

We keep track of every student’s information like attendance, homework, discipline, score etc. which can be accessed easily when needed by the teachers or school managing committee. In addition to these, the basic database is also available like name, contact, address, parent’s information, medical history and many more.

Parents portal

To help parents evaluate their child’s educational activities, send notice of meetings and annual reports and to bring them in contact with teachers.

Assessments and assignments

A different set of examination papers can be prepared by teachers easily for avoiding cheating.

Report cards

The annual report of the academic year can be easily generated by the authorities using our interactive database. Using our school management system software, report cards can be made easily accessible to the parents and students to help them improve their grades.

Fee tracking and online payment

Our system can manage receipts and fee payments of students also. It is very convenient to use the software for preparation of fee booklets and receipts.

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