Application Testing Services

Ruvisoft is ready to facilitate your business continuity. Our test engineers thoroughly check proper functioning, stability, usability, and security of either a single enterprise application or the whole landscape of interdependent business-critical software.

Types of applications we test

Ruvisoft test team is experienced in testing the following business-critical applications:

Web applications

Either it’s a document management application or a multi-functional CRM, our test engineers can validate that web application lives up to your requirements. During web application testing, we pay special attention to cross-browser compatibility, performance under planned and stress load, and unstable internet connection, general data security requirements implied by GDPR, and compliance with industry-specific standards (HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, and more).

Mobile applications

Ruvisoft relevant experience helps our team to efficiently manage mobile testing specifics implied by target OSs, their versions, and device fragmentation, mobile interruptions (a dead battery, calls, texts, and push notifications), integrations with built-in mobile features (for example, a camera and a GPS chip), strict security measures (for example, implied by OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) version 1.1.3), and usability requirements declared in such mobile application design guidelines and UI kits as Google’s Material Design for Android and Human Interface Guidelines for iOS.

traditional or modern technologies involved

Ruvisoft provides testing of applications both with conventional architecture and microservices-based applications and those comprising such technologies as IoT, big data, and AI. ScienceSoft’s 30 years of experience in application testing projects helps our test engineers to be aware of relevant testing peculiarities and cover the most risky aspects bound to each technology.

We have a presence in various sectors

We provide our unmatched services to a number of industries. Some of them have been mentioned below.

Application Aspects We Validate


Ruvisoft test team validates the functioning of an application for you to be sure that it really facilitates the daily tasks of employees using it, complies with your specific business rules and their complex interdependencies, and its toolbox meets your requirements. Thus, functionality validation is a serious contribution to the smooth workflows automation, the application’s high user adoption rate, the company’s business continuity and even its financial stability (particularly, with regard to the proper functioning of financial management systems).


To form an integral IT environment, all applications should support smooth and secure API integration and standardized file formats for all the data to be correctly rendered in different applications. Our test engineers validate the seamless communication between the application under test (AUT) and other enterprise software.


Our test team checks an application data transfer rate and response time under peak and continuous load, as well as the maximum number of users utilizing it simultaneously. This way, you can be sure that your application’s performance will remain reliable and stable, when it comes to peak load periods or business scaling up.


Ruvisoft test team examines information availability and the logical arrangement of an application’s user interface elements (including icons, buttons, and navigation components). Usability testing is particularly important to ensure that an application provides pleasant UX to your employees. This will encourage them initially to learn to work with an application, then to integrate it into their existing work process, and eventually to enhance their effectiveness with its help.


Ruvisoft test engineers perform security scanning, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, security audit, and other activities to check an application’s resistance to cyberattacks and malware. They detect security vulnerabilities in the application for you to ensure the security of business-critical information more effectively.

Cooperation Models

Depending on your business needs and priorities, Ruvisoft offers the following cooperation models:

Testing during application development

As testing is an integral part of application development in Agile and DevOps/Continuous Delivery, ScienceSoft’s test engineers provide comprehensive exploratory, functionality, integration, compatibility, usability, security, and continuous regression testing during the software development process.

Testing before an application release

Ruvisoft ensures a delivered application is fully compliant with the requirements specification and your business needs. This testing type is the final stage before the application reaches its end users and should be regarded as an eventual opportunity to detect application defects before they influence user adoption.

Continuous testing during the entire application life cycle

This most comprehensive set of testing services can be baked into your application lifecycle management (ALM). ALM presupposes QA to start as early as application requirements gathering. So, ScienceSoft’s QA manager is ready to assist your BAs with the development of a requirements specification to ensure it’s full, coherent, and structured in the way convenient for future testing. Then, our test team proceeds to comprehensive testing activities during application development.

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