Cross-Platform Desktop App Development

Rapid application development for Desktop, Web, Mobile & Raspberry Pi.

Benefit Our Customer

With every desktop application development project, rivisoft Customer gets a complete set of deliverables, including

Documented Source

SaaS architecture and plan to build your SaaS application with enterprise quality.

Test Documentation

Work through your solution completely to derive maximum power out of it.

Industry Experience

Experienced through the delivery of numerous software development projects for Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Telecoms, and Retail

Industrial Manufacturing

Our desktop development expertise includes large-scale monitoring systems and data analysis apps that track the performance of manufacturing facilities


Our desktop solutions allow athletes to track their progress, process data collected on desktop machines and perform analytics to make informed decisions.

Software & Technology

our portfolio includes desktop soft- ware for monitoring and managing business operations, as well as vari- ous client server apps: corporate messengers, CRM apps and portals.

Secure App Storage

Our approach is holistic, allowing us to smartly use app and the system resources when processing and managing data, resulting in faster backup, intelligent storage tiering and data safety.

Maximized Desktop Software Performance

We maximize the potential of every desktop solution by letting it directly utilize hardware resources. By building apps this way, we can greatly improve performance through hardware acceleration or interaction between the CPU, motherboard, GPU or any other system component.

A Typical MVP production team has these elements:

Business Analysis

We thoroughly analyze customer needs and explain detailed requirements for functionality and look-and-feel.

Software Architecture

our team emphasizes meticulous planning and architectural design to advise on the customer's challenges and better technological choices in relation to the industry.

UI Design

Our UI desiner works closely with customers and developers to come up with the concept of desktop software that looks attractive and feels comfortable.

Quality Assurance

To bring high-quality desktop solu- tions, we use proven test methods, techniques, and tools to execute various test types, including functional localizations.

Software Development

After a time-tested process of architecture session, code review, self-documenting code and unit testing, we do the development work.

Long-Term Maintenance

Our team provides a full range of maintenance services to allow the customer to use the desktop software and its updates without end users.

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