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We build custom healthcare applications to streamline appointment scheduling and patient check-in to save time for patients and doctors.

Healthcare Software Development Services

We deliver healthcare software development services for hospitals, doctors, patients ensuring high level of digital healthcare service and health management. We build custom healthcare solutions and mobile applications for the healthcare industry to help health systems and clinics deal with this sensitive data.

Healthcare Software

Ruvisoft offers healthcare software development services helping you enhance data management processes and improve healthcare service provided to your patients.

Mobile Apps for Healthcare

With the help of medical mobile applications, you and your patients are able to keep an eye on their health from anywhere in the world and stay up-to-date.

Need A Custom Solution?

We provide a full-cycle software development service and develop applications from scratch to design a solution that will address your specific tasks.

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We provide our unmatched services to a number of industries. Some of them have been mentioned below.

Our Application Development Services

Remote Healthcare

The patients must have a direct link with healthcare providers. This is to keep the healthcare providers, clinicians and nurses to be updated on the patient’s health. The remote monitoring mhealth apps from Enuke ensure that the patient is treated with no medication errors.

Connected Devices (Wearables)

Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to connect your mobile device, wearables, etc with other health monitoring devices. It has made it possible to check your blood pressure, blood sugar levels or even perform a blood test from anywhere.


we excel at crafting mobile prescribing apps that securely store patient data such as prescriptions, allergies, and biometrics to significantly reduce medical errors.


Electronic health records facilitate better diagnosis and treatment, enhancing accuracy of patient’s health records. We provide robust healthcare application services that significantly reduce operational costs and deliver better treatment outcomes.

Fitness Apps

Mobile fitness apps aid in tracking weight, blood sugar levels, sleep patterns, etc and keep a watch on your daily routine. Our apps seamlessly integrate wearable technology and hardware using AI, IoT and other emerging technologies.

Hospital & Practice Management Solutions

Healthcare apps have made it easy to manage MIS reports, interactions between patient and physicians, patient registration, resource scheduling, etc. We ensure to design our apps to enhance cost and time efficiency for hospitals and clinics while maintaining compliance and security of patient records.

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