Shipping & Logistics Software Development Services

Our software makes logistics and supply management processes more refined and fast, as well as contribute to the efficiency of how materials, goods, freight, sales orders, inventory, and production are managed.

Logistics Software Solutions

Being a logistics software development company we deliver highly scalable logistics apps that meet the ever-growing organization needs of our clients. Featuring both tailored functionality and friendly UI, our carefully crafted IT solutions allow avoiding complexities associated with the usage of multi-modal supply-chain management and logistics systems. Examples of logistics software solutions we deliver include

Supply Chain Management Systems

Ruvisoft delivers a wide range of supply chain management software solutions aimed at increasing profits, optimizing procurement management, enhancing process transparency, and saving time and resources for our clients. Ruvisoft team has deep expertise in building procurement management systems that allow tracking customers and suppliers, managing sales and logistics, and generating reports which display the details of business process operation.

Inventory Management Systems

Ruvisoft Inventory Management Software solutions are aimed at reducing the risk of overstocking and stock-outs, increasing profitability and improving sales cycles for our clients. Perfectly crafted cross-platform inventory management solution developed by our team facilitates the tracking of items within a company and works equally well for iOS/Android platforms and saves much time on inventory.

Transport Management Systems (TMS)

Transport Management Systems created by Ruvisoft are designed to help our clients to keep track of the vehicles in real-time, plan, execute, and optimize their transportation processes through GPS and data collection. We also create TMS solutions that allow cargo and courier tracking and work equally well on the web, desktop, and mobile devices.

Fleet Management Solutions

Ruvisoft software developers have proven experience in delivering reliable and robust fleet management solutions of any size and complexity. We create systems that are easy to integrate and use as well as to scale if needed.

Custom Enterprise Logistics Solutions

we have gained vast expertise in developing ERP, DMS and CRM solutions aimed at facilitating logistics operations and management processes. Our custom enterprise solutions include custom ERP systems for vehicles and real-time systems of trucks tracking, CRM for car dealers, etc.

Vehicle Management Solutions

Our vehicle management solutions are designed to provide highly technological vehicle experience through the development and incorporation of voice-activated and remote control apps, wireless television, internet and GPS for planning routes and live weather/traffic/parking options. Putting emphasis on the comfort of having a smart vehicle, we deliver solutions that significantly improve our clients' logistics operations and experience.

We have a presence in various sectors

We provide our unmatched services to a number of industries. Some of them have been mentioned below.

Shipping and Logistics Software Development for Transportation in Supply Chain

Shipping logistics is all about moving merchandise from point A to point B. Ruvisoft custom shipping and logistics software provides the solution to your shipping challenges, from RFID to integration with third-party shipping APIs and everything in between.

Freight Brokerage Shipping & Logistics Management Software

Freight management software integrations and platform augmentation provides contract management solutions to brokerage, dispatch and fleet operators. We develop databases to manage, trip manifest, drivers, time-stamps, and enable real-time dispatch features for ground, ocean, air, and train transportation.

Shipping & Logistics Software Solutions

Ruvisoft custom shipping management software, includes freight quoting/estimation calculators and comparison apps. Our SaaS cloud deployment provides high visibility across platforms on desktop and mobile devices. Our DMS tools verifies shipping labels automations, packing slips, manifests, invoices, and order numbers in CMS systems.

Enterprise Shipping Solutions

We develop and map EDI management software using X12, EDIFACT, and TRADACOMS communication standards for multi-carrier shipping software companies. Communicate freight and load EDI transaction codes such as 204 (motor carrier load tender), 210 (motor carrier freight details & invoice), and 214 (transport carrier shipment status message) with cloud-based app and software development.

Logistic Software Development Solutions

Ruvisoft provides custom logistics software development for the SCM industry. Our company designs end to end logistics software solutions from warehouse to destination, using route planning optimization modules, ERP integrations of SAP, Oracle and SAS and more. Our mobile device software application development provides signature capture, electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD), dispatch, vehicle tracking, fuel efficiency tracking, telematics, and asset location tracking.

Shipping Software Solutions

Ruvisoft designs custom logistics management software for SCM route mapping, ETA, itinerary optimization, automatic asset location, and reverse logistics software. We implement intermodal and/or multimodal track-and-trace software for active and passive RFID container/shipment tracking on GS1 and 128 standard barcode platforms using BLE Bluetooth technology and more.

Parcel Shipping Software

Our multi-shipping carrier software is optimized for international and domestic transportation operations. Our comprehensive Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA) integrates shipping and freight APIs, from FedEx, UPS, and USPS. We provide vendor integration services of shipping and logistics labels, barcodes and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for B2C and B2B software development companies.

Transportation Logistics Software Solutions

Our custom API integrations provides logistics software solution that implements Amazon logistics tracking for multi warehouse distribution planning. Our engineering of fleet management systems integrates third-party platforms and APIs. We expedite the transportation of goods using ShipStation, Freightview, or ShipWorks for ground, ocean and air dispatch logistics software solutions.

Logistics Management Software

We integrate CMS's with accounting software (QuickBooks, MS Office, Quicken) for profitability management and expense reporting. Our regulation platforms provide easy auditing and reporting of ACE/ACI e-manifests, packing lists, and EEI Certificates. We program embedded software and firmware for Electronic Logging Devices (ELogs) that are fully compliant with standard reporting and Yard management systems such as HighJump and c3 Yard.

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