Custom E-learning Solutions

E-Learning software development experts create unparalleled solutions that promote positive user experiences for evolved educational systems to meet the objectives of higher education establishments, universities, high schools, primary schools, trade schools, continuing education, plus businesses and corporations.

Custom e-Learning Solutions Benefits

Whether you represent a private business, an educational or governmental institution, EdTech software will greatly improve the performance of your organization. During last years, online methods have been gaining momentum thanks to following advantages:

Progress Tracking

Your trainees will have a quick access to the info they personally need. They can track their progress and chat with other students at any time.

Positive Experience

E-Learning apps provide a richer and more effective learning experience than traditional methods of education.


Let your students learn wherever they want. The use of laptops, tablets or phones makes a comfortable classroom out of the whole world.

We have a presence in various sectors

We provide our unmatched services to a number of industries. Some of them have been mentioned below.

Scalable Learning Management Systems

Ruvisoft develops robust Learning Management Systems from scratch with intuitive User Interfaces (UI) and productive User Experiences (UX) using tools like Moodle.

LMS Integrations

Custom integrations of SIS with LMS, student management, administration system, financial services and other mission critical systems.

Consistent Mobile Experiences

We create web-based LMS platforms with native mobile applications using the devices inherent hardware to create unified user experiences across iOS and Android operating systems. Our educational app developers and android education app development teams are tops in the industry.

Custom Communication Interfaces

We program and interface blended learning applications with features for social learning, messaging, multimedia, web and video conferencing, streaming, recording, VoIP, discussion boards, plus more.

LMS Plugin Extensions

We create and extend your Learning Management System with custom activity modules, themes, course formats, enrollment and authentication, filters and document repositories, and much more

Captivating Instructional Design

Our E-Learning experts transform generic educational content into captivating learning experiences using proven educational frameworks.

Interactive Education

We program educational interactions that offer engaging learning experiences with custom animations and simulations.

Gamification Of Content

Ruvisoft gamifies learning content, enhancing it with 2D/3D graphics plus avatars and creating immersive multilevel games, challenges and quests.

Our Latest Work

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We share experience of working with 100+ startups and 10+ startup venturing. We work closely with startups as a technology partners and share our experience, business network, technology expertise to make them successful.

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