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Experience server-side backend development with rock solid programming platform

Benefit of our customer

With every backend app development development project, rivisoft Customer gets a complete set of deliverables, including

Latest Tech

We ensure smooth back-end operati- ons for each solution using continuous architecture and technical refineme- nts in concert using advanced, battle-tested technologies.

End-to-end Security

Our back-end solutions come with the most reliable mechanisms and can safely transmit data between heterogeneous components of your system or application.


Ruvisoft teams build expandable backend solutions that scale naturally according to your business needs.

Flourish Your Business With Our Backend App Development Service

Custom Backend Development

With a team of dedicated backend developers, we deliver custom backend solution for simpler and more complex web applications that store, process and manage data served from different sources.

Backend Api Management

By using API tools such as Katalon Studio, SoapUI, and Postman we create, deploy and manage application programming interfaces in scalable and secure environments both in the cloud and on-premise.

Data Storage Backend App

We develop the perfect backend application that can store relational data in cloud-based distributed database systems and let you scale easily when hosted on cloud-based computing services.

Backend Crm Development

At Ruvisoft we develop, design and help you implement a complete CRM platform that meets your requirement. Having vast years of experience in CRM application development, we follow all the guidelines through our professional technology experts.

Event Driven Backend Development

By using MongoDB with Node.js development aptitude and NoSQL data schema, Our highly experienced backend developers create real-time communication applications and event-driven backends.

Backend App Admin

By using backend admin engine, we can easily add a powerful cloud database, analytics tracking, and push notification services in your mobile apps. We connect your mobile applications to backend cloud storage, whether you need iOS, Android, or cross-platform apps.

Migration To Cloud

By utilizing a wide range of cloud computing services, Ruvisoft helps migrate backend systems to public, private and hybrid clouds according to your business needs.

Back-end Connectors

To allow processing and analysis of multiple distinct sensor signals from connected devices, our developers create smart data access tools and ETL solutions that will catch and fortify this information into your backend application.

Enterprise Back-end Services

By using PHP, Java and .NET, our developers create complex EDA workflows, distributed SOA-systems, message-oriented middle ware layers, and SOAP Web services for providing enterprise business solution.

We have a presence in various sectors

We provide our unmatched services to a number of industries. Some of them have been mentioned below.

Back-end App Development

We design and develop scalable, fault-tolerant back ends for enterprise systems, complex web applications, IoT infrastructure, VoIP solutions, and web portals – just to name a few. We can also help you integrate your legacy system with third-party services and apps.

Mobile Application Back-end Development

We develope back ends for enterprise mobile apps, smart devices and wearables, multimedia distributing mobile solutions, mobile messengers, social networks and more.

Complex Services Makes Simple

Our cooperation lasts through the entire development cycle or covers only particular stages, we aim at maximum benefits for the Customer at every step of a desktop software development project.

API Management

We develop, deploy and manage application programming interfaces in secure and scalable environments both on-premise and in the cloud.

Data Storage

We store relational data in cloud-based or private distributed database systems, used as storage for large-scale web applications.


We enable integration with enterprise systems of any complexity by developing custom communication adaptors or REST/SOAP services.


Our engineers reinforce the protection of sensitive data by implementing user authentication and authorization.

Messaging Notifications

Ruvisoft crafts real-time intelligent messaging services, which provide for the delivery of targeted notific- ations based on user location.

Data Synchronization

We enable synchronization of relative data between devices and backend systems, spiced with server-side rules for data access control.

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