Computer Vision Development Services

Automate, extract, retrieve insights from images or videos

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Our Computer Vision Development Services​

Computer Vision help acquire, process, analyze and understanding information from digital images and extract high-dimensional data from the real world to produce numerical or symbolic information.

Data Preparation​

We provide you a volume of computer vision training data set of images to iterate the algorithms for accurate data annotation and verification.

System Integration​

We integrate the computer vision services into a product and configure the system as per business requirements.

Model Design And Optimization

We optimize the model designs with frameworks like OpenCV, TensorFlow and GPU module to create high-performance machine vision applications.

Application Development

We develop robust and scalable computer vision-enabled applications.

Automate Manual & Repetitive Tasks with OCR & Data Capturing

Businesses daily deal with big data, and the volumes are growing exponentially. Such services as data capture, retrieval, and extraction have become integral parts of organizations’ workflows. We deliver high-end solutions to find, capture, and extract data automatically from unstructured documents and cut down on manual operations.

Harness Big Data with Object Segmentation in 3D Point Clouds

Point clouds are used in 3D modeling to generate accurate models of real-world items or scenes. This technology is in high demand for computer graphics, VR, and communication. Our CV developers and infrastructure architects will help you generate immersive 3D models of the physical world easily and with great speed.

Multi-object Detection Models for Automatic Image Tagging

We use convolutional neural networks to teach machines what different objects look like and train algorithms to automatically identify people and objects on the picture. Multi-object detection can be a great asset for e-commerce organizations and social media platforms. It can be used to enhance the customer experience in retail, logistics, and supply chain.

Extract More Insights from Visual Data with Image Segmentation Models

Image segmentation splits an image into meaningful parts to make it easier for machines to understand, process, and analyze. Image segmentation can be widely applied for object tracking, medical image processing, face recognition, and more.

Use Product Matching and Provide Accurate Recommendations with Image Similarity Search

Image similarity search allows customers to quickly find similar products based on visual attributes, such as color, shape, texture, etc. across the web. This technology is becoming increasingly important in the era of big data that businesses exploit for growth.

Improve Your Customer Services with the help of Face Recognition Solution

We deliver deep learning algorithms that automate the process of gathering, storing data on an individual’s facial characteristics, and shaping data-based faceprints.

Boost Brand Visibility with Logo Detection & Brand Monitoring Solution

Object detection algorithms facilitate specifying object presence and location on an image, based on the set of categories used to train a custom algorithm.

Provide Better Experiences with Our Pose Estimation Model

Human pose estimation is one of the most burning issues in today’s CV community. We are ready to aid you with a pose estimation model that can be easily applied to your app or any other 3rd party tool. It’s aimed to predict, identify, and track the presence and location of a person and their movement helping you to provide better services.

Our Computer Vision Expertise

We empower AI applications and enable computer vision capabilities to build fluid user experience.

Image Recognition/Detection

With our deep learning and computer vision engineering expertise, we do image recognition and detection. We mine the rich data-set and convert unstructured data into structured data to generate valuable insights.

Video Analytics

We implement video analytics to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. We do Video Error Level Analysis, Tamper Detection, Dynamic Masking, Motion Detection and Shape Recognition.

Object Detection, Tracking and Labeling

We build a predictable pipeline of high-quality computer vision training data that will teach your ML-powered computer vision system to find and identify objects in image and video data.

Data Labeling

We label data to build data models. We train and validate data models during computer vision development.


We implement optical character and intelligent character recognition in industrial work services.

Image Labeling

We develop and iterate the algorithms with the image training data sets for the labeling process until they give the best results.

GAN - Generative Adversarial Network

We implement GAN over a training set to generate new data with the same statistics as the training set.

Content-based image retrieval

We use computer vision techniques to the image retrieval problem in large databases to organize digital pictures by their visual features.

Emotion Detection Analysis

We use machine learning and natural division of data to detect the emotions of a human face.

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