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Manage your business information flow in a simple way and multiply your revenue using top-notch project management software solutions from Ruvisoft.

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We have created effective and robust tools to control workflows and streamline your resources by providing complete business information. You can get a bespoke project management system consisting of different modules developed from scratch to manage your business operations effectively.

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Ruvisoft is a skilled software development company that creates top-notch custom project management solutions for your business, adapted to your specific needs and requirements. Our team can add features such as planning, tracking or data visualization and extend it to other existing systems and apps beyond your ERP system.

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We develop high-quality solutions customized to the business needs of any company. Our systems are focused on accelerating the performance of any enterprise through automation processes, detailed data collection, and financial analytics to drive better business decisions and increase revenue.

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We provide our unmatched services to a number of industries. Some of them have been mentioned below.


Project planning and Scheduling

This feature helps the project manager to create a task/tasks list and assign the tasks to team members registered in the application. Using this feature, a project manager can set priorities, self-assign the tasks, view the list of tasks, and task deadlines of the project to the team members. The project scheduling part of this feature allows the project manager to schedule task duration, planned effort on the task, allocation, and reallocation of resources as per task. This feature enables the team members to update the status of the task and in-addition an SMS/mail/in-app notification is sent to team members.

Project Control

This feature allows your project to keep a tab on project scope, time and budget. This feature helps the project manager in planning, Monitoring, and controlling processes of the technical deadline activities. Further, it allows the project manager to look into the cost estimation of the project.

Resource Management

This feature helps the project manager in outlining the schedules, planning resources and calculating the cost of the resources. Using this feature project manager can manage and assign resources to specific tasks/projects and ensures that everyone has the resources and deadlines to complete their tasks. The resource management feature of our project management software development allows the project manager to keep track of the resources, a task assigned to the resources and their project status.

Task Tracking

This feature lets the manager get an overview of the tasks and monitor deadlines. It also allows the manager to define the tasks, set the schedule, and identify the critical path for the project. This feature lets user track based on the task status like ‘Not-started’, ‘In-progress’ and ‘Completed’. This helps in filtering the list of non-started and in-progress tasks which are assigned to a user. Reporting manager can visualize the graphical data basing on the status of tasks.

Document Sharing and Collaboration

This feature helps the team members and the project manager in storing files in a central location and makes them accessible to other members of the team. This feature allows users to upload, store, and revise documents with the members including in the project. It helps the project manager to eliminate the hassles related to mix-ups and lost files.

Budget Reports

This feature helps the project manager and the management to keep track of expenses, provides quick and clear reporting on the budget performance. Using this feature respective budget reports can be generated based on the task and deliverables of the project. This feature provides weekly, monthly and over the budget reports on project expenditure and totals.

Bug/Issue Tracking

This feature helps the user to identify the issues with the project to resolve them. Bug/Issue Tracking segregates the bugs depending on their criticality as ‘immediate’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Low’. This feature allows the user to raise a ticket to the concerned team to fix the bugs.

Time Tracking

This feature allows the user in monitoring the effective hours worked to complete the task. This feature helps the user log time on each task/project and get time analytics of a day/week/month. Using this feature every user can track time for each person in the team and analyze their productivity based on the task and projects assigned to them.

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