Enterprise asset management

Extend asset lifecycles and reduce costs with EAM and IoT

Key features of effective EAM

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Work management

Centrally manage planned and unplanned work, from initial request through completion and including the recording of actuals.

Phases of maintenance

Move from corrective maintenance, when repairs are made after a problem occurs, to preventive maintenance — scheduled repairs — to predictive maintenance — repairs made because data indicates imminent failure.

Planning and scheduling

Graphically view work orders and preventive maintenance schedules on a Gantt chart. Intuitively navigate work order management to help dispatchers manage task and work dependencies.

Supply chain management

Assets and the materials used to maintain them are part of the supply chain. Effective solutions should incorporate IoT technologies that help integrate EAM with supply chain management systems.

Health and safety

Document and report environmental, health and safety concerns. Reduce risk using incident analysis, corrective action tracability, and process change management.


Accomplish more from reading meters to capturing electronic signatures to using bar codes and RFID. Take advantage of smartphone capabilities such as photos and voice-to-text to capture information and deliver tools, documentation and collaboration.


Run extended and enhanced analytics, often powered by AI, to gain operational insights. Optimization models can be used to automate the planning, scheduling and work management processes based on analysis.


Support SaaS, cloud-based deployment or hybrid cloud deployment to control costs, improve system flexibility and decrease dependency on IT.

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Why is enterprise asset management important?

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Centralize asset information

A CMMS, as part of EAM, tells maintenance managers where an asset is, what it needs, who should work on it and when. It automates critical asset management workflows and makes them accessible and auditable.

Resolve issues before they happen

Asset management software supports preventive capabilities to maintain equipment for stable, continuous operations. It helps ensure warranty compliance and preempt issues that disrupt production.

Monitor assets smarter

AI-powered remote monitoring delivers actionable insight into current and expected states of assets. It aggregates data across departments and information silos, allowing for fewer, more accurate alerts and enhanced decision-making.

Maximize asset utilization

Historical and real-time data collected from IoT devices and analytical and diagnostic tools help extend the availability, reliability and usable life of physical assets.

Manage aging assets and infrastructure

Equipment lifecycles are extended through more informed maintenance strategies and by embedding risk management into business processes to improve return on investment.

Elevate maintenance management

IoT, AI and analytics enhance equipment maintenance practices. Asset tracking and traceability meet increasingly complex environmental, health and safety requirements.

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