• About Project: Value Buddy is an online platform whose main motive is to provide an interactive tool to help small and large business owners calculate the value of their business. Clients use it's financial valuation dashboard to easily organize, evaluate, and present financial data to apply for business loans, close deals with investors, and much more. Value Buddy, founded in 2010 by George A. McGill Jr., is headquartered in the "Silicon Valley of the South," Louisville Kentucky. It is made up of a team of dedicated, driven, intelligent, mathematical, and analytics-loving men and women who make sure that clients are successful at managing their financial journey.
  • Tools and Technology: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Vue.js, jQuery, Highcharts, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

Project Brief:

Value Buddy(VB) is a website that provides convenient and interactive financial valuation tools for small and large business owners to help them calculate the value of their business. It automatically creates financial reports based on data that users input into the application, and a user can export each report in Excel, PDF, or JPEG format. A 7-day free trial period allows new users to experience all the benefits of the financial valuation app. When this time is over, users can decide which plan they wish to subscribe to so as to continue using the site’s services. Value Buddy offers three subscription plans. These are; Basic, Standard, and Advanced, and are billed monthly.

Important Features

Value Buddy provides insightful prompts to help the user gather their financial data and input it into the tool. It then automatically calculates the business value and presents the data in a report. There are eight main steps as follows.

  • Users create a company profile by filling in the business name. A user can create multiple business profiles and evaluate different scenarios for each business.
  • Enter key financial assumptions.
  • Enter the sales and cost price for each product to determine the gross sales and profit.
  • Enter the operational costs to run the business and distinguish between fixed and variable costs.
  • Enter your sales projections.
  • Enter the business startup cost to calculate its impact on your business evaluation.
  • Enter the business ownership structure to determine investor payback periods, ROI, and payouts.
  • Enter the capital structure and allocate equity to shareholders’ details.

“Value Buddy significantly helped us actualize the value of our goodwill, PR, and Wild Accelerator efforts. It also helped us find where our financial numbers are understated or occasionally over. We can now project increased productivity of 5%-10% each year with higher confidence! With Value Buddy's help, we will continue to expand our team, company culture, software, and project starting materials to increase our overall value!”

Tarik Nally / Kale and Flax


The admin has full access and control to this online platform and has all the functions that are necessary to help provide creative and insightful ideas to its users so that they earn more profits and stability in their business.

Unlimited Valuations

An admin's dashboard allows viewing of an unlimited number of different valuations created by the user to help determine if the user needs any assistance.


Automatic Report Generation

Automatically create reports based on the user’s inputs to provide financial analysis and reporting assistance.

Business Planning

Review all the charts and data that a user inputs into their company profile to help business owners with the development of their business plans.

Subscription Plan

Add, edit, and delete any free trial program and subscription plans that are offered on the website.

Customer Service

The admin can manage all customer service queries and assist the customer via email or phone calls.

Business Consulting

The admin can provide additional business consultation about pricing, sales, cost, distribution and marketing strategies through the VB platform.

Users Functionality

Every user has their separate dashboard from where they can check all the reports and strategies provided by the admin. Users have the right to do the following functions.

Data Entry

Users can fill in all the data relating to their business, such as business name, operational costs, sale projections, startup costs, etc.


Automatic Report

Users can export any of the automatically generated reports in Excel, PDF, or JPEG format.

Access Results

Users can access all their business scenarios, graphs, and results in the financial section of their dashboard.

Right To Choose Plan

Users can subscribe to any plan offered on the website with the option to upgrade or downgrade whenever their company's needs change.


A user can consult with an expert financial manager at any time through the customer care service or contact us forms.

Third Party Integration

The admin has full access and control over all third party integrations on the Value Buddy platform. They can also manage the level of access each user needs.


A payment processing platform used to accept online payments through credit cards, with the option to set up recurring payments.


Provides a wide variety of dynamic charts, such as line charts, pie charts, bar charts, and area charts, to enhance the user's interaction and understanding.


It is an email platform that allows the admin to set up automatic email triggers that increase learner engagement.


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