• About Project: Print For Brands is an online e-commerce platform that supplies some of the best custom printed products on the market. They print custom business cards, postcards, hang tags, note cards, stickers, outdoor and indoor banners, brochures, flyers, greeting cards, and also print on woven damask and satin clothing labels of all sizes. The company also offers a variety of stocks like kraft, black paper, thick luxury suede, and plastic cards of various types and ranges.
  • Tools and Technology: Magento, PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Project Brief:

Print For Brands (PFB) is an e-commerce website that supplies printing on a wide variety of media using the most innovative printing and marking methods. It can offer any standard printing, but can also produce prints with metallic foil, raised ink, spot UV, and embossing. They also print on plastic, black cards, woven damask, luxury suede, and satin clothing labels of all sizes. Through their high-tech machinery, Print For Brands can produce custom made items in any quantity and size. They also offer a complete brand design service through their expert graphic designers.

Important Features

When a customer visits the home page, there is a message at the top center, which shows “No minimum order. Free Shipping throughout the US.”, but unless within the US, the company needs to charge shipping costs to all other countries. The menu clearly shows all the main products they provide, with their subtypes shown in a drop-down menu. For example, plastic cards in one of the main products, and the subtypes are slim plastic, thick plastic, super thick, standard, etc.


Once the customer chooses the product they want, they then need to select the card parameters. A customer has the facility to buy multiple products in a single cart purchase. Users can contact the company through the contact forms, as well as customer support. The website also provides a comprehensive FAQs area, with shipping information, returns policies, delivery times, and testimonials on separate pages, so that users feel comfortable making a purchase. A customer can create a user account to keep track of his order and speed up any further purchase. A user account also helps the company to send promotional newsletters and retain clients.

We offer a wide variety of products, so we needed a lot of complex features on our e-commerce website. Not a problem for RuviSoft! Their professional team delivered exactly what we needed, and our customers keep telling us that using our site is a breeze! Thank you, Ruvisoft!

Jen And Jake


An admin has full access and control to the backend of the website and can perform the following tasks.


An admin has the capability to add, edit, hide, or delete any products from the online shop.


Edit product details such as features and artwork specifications. Product images can also be uploaded or removed.

Additional Information

Add/edit info and resource pages, such as file requirements and design template downloads, to help clients with their orders.

Queries/ Questions

Manage, add or remove any info to FAQs, shipping information queries, return policies, delivery times, and testimonials section.


Send email notifications, such as tracking number notifications through the USPS shipping tool so that customers can track their package.

Users Functionality

All users, including guest users, have access to all the features they need to complete a purchase. Users that create an account will have additional rights to manage their account details.

Make An Order

All users can place an order by just filling in the requirements under any product.


A user has the choice to subscribe to newsletters and promotional updates. They get this option separately on the website, or at the time of registration.


Users have the option to make a payment for a single product or any number of products in the cart.

Queries/ Question

Users can read the faqs, shipping & deliver information, and return policies, but cannot add new queries. They can send questions through the forms provided.

Contact Us

All users have access to contact info like address, number, and email. There is also a Contact Us form, where users can ask any questions.

Additional Information

Users can check and download additional info, such as file preparations, design template download, and finishing options.

Order Sample Packets

Users can buy sample packages either as a customer or as a guest.

Track Order

Users can track their orders through the tracking number that is sent in an email by the admin.

Third Party Integration

The admin has full control to the backend of third party integration. An admin can also manage what level of control is necessary for each type of user.


It is an open-source e-commerce platform, which manages client accounts, orders, products, inventory, payments, etc.

Magento - USPS

Used to manage USPS shipping methods and verify US addresses. It also allows the user to track a package.


It is an email platform that allows the admin to set up automatic email triggers that increase learner engagement.


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