• About Project: Webreinvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a web innovation company whose main focus is to "Reinvent the digital world - one site at a time." Its large team of designers and developers build hundreds of websites and mobile apps for businesses that want to give their clients a highly functional and attractive digital experience.

    To help streamline their workflow, Webreinvent wanted its own online Customer Management System application, called WebReinvent Team. This allows the team to collaborate smoothly together and with their clients while keeping all company operations under control.
  • Tools and Technology: PHP, Laravel, Zanysoft, VaahCMS, Pusher, 2Checkout, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3

Project Brief:

Webreinvent Team is an online Customer Management System (CMS), specially developed to manage WebReinvent’s daily operations. It is a centralized content and communications management platform that is used by employees and as well as its clients.

Through this application, WebReinvent’s management and clients can monitor work progress. It keeps all employee records, such as how many tasks they do daily, their attendance, performance, track working hours, and can be used for payroll purposes. Since Webreinvent’s clients can also access the system, it creates a transparent work ethic that builds a strong and trusting bond with their clients.

Important Features

The WebReinvent Team application consists of 3 main modules:

  1. Collab v12.0 – Is the main dashboard, and is the first window that opens when a user logs in. This dashboard displays the latest company news, the employee’s performance rating, the leave/absent days consumed, tasks status, a list of all projects assigned to the employee, task reports, and links to other modules accessible to the user. The Collab v12.0 also gives access to other sub-modules, such as Credentials that lists the level of rights allotted to a user by the admin, and a UI kit.
  2. HR v6.6 – Is used by HR management and contains the details of attendance, leave, and task performance history.
  3. Training v0.7 – Gives access to a list of training modules allotted to the employees during their training period.

The WebReinvent Team application has 2 types of users:

  1. Admin – Has full access to the backend and can assign any level of user rights.
  2. User – Can be an employee or a client, and both can be assigned different levels of access to the platform’s functionalities.

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The admin has full access to the backend operation of the WebReinvent Team online platform. They can perform and manage the following useful operations.

User Profile

Add and remove users, give access to certain functionalities, and also assign other admins according to company requirement.

Task Allocation/ Assigning

Create new tasks for employees, with the possibility to assign tasks to single or multiple users.

Track Activities

There is the capability to track daily user actions, such as task progress, time taken, performance, etc.

Training Modules

Create and assign training modules for interns and trainees to improve or brush up their skills.


Manage payroll and modify employees' stipends based on their performance and tracked working hours.


An admin can assign any level of credentials/rights to users on specific projects

Users Functionality

There are two types of users, a company employee or a project client. They can perform the following activities, depending on the rights given by the admin.


Clients can monitor each step of their project and can communicate directly to employees through chatting or by leaving comments on the task.


Each employee is allotted the credentials for their tasks and has access to a specific dashboard showing their work progress.


Each employee performs tasks according to their designated role. They can also create new tasks and assign a task to other employees.

Chat /Comment

Employees can interact with clients or other employees through a chat or comments function if they need any information related to the task.

Sub Task

Subtasks can be created either directly under a particular task or as a checklist if multiple subtasks are needed.


Users can check their performance rating as well as performance history, and the rate should be a minimum of 50%.

Time Log

A time log function is available for employees to track the time taken for each separate task. The platform then uses this data to calculate the employee's total working hours.

Third Party Integration

An admin has full control over third party integration and can manage the level of access each user has on these third party plugins and their functionality.


Provides real-time data and functionality updates between the server, app, and devices.



Is a monetization platform that helps you accept payments from any device from any country.


It is an email platform that allows the admin to set up automatic email triggers that increase learner engagement.


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