• About Project: SynergEyes is a global specialty contact lens company that delivers personalized contact lenses of different categories, such as hybrid lenses, scleral lenses, daily disposable soft lenses, as well as accessories. Its main clients are eye care professionals who order SynergEyes's custom-made products for their patients. To aid this process, SynergEyes has commissioned Ruvisoft to develop and integrate the SynergEyes RxConnect online platform. This provides technical support for eye care practitioners and a comprehensive way to place orders.
  • Tools and Technology: PHP, Laravel, VaahCMS, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3

Project Brief:

SynergEyes RxConnect is a high-performance integrated online application developed to help eye care practitioners prescribe and supply SynergEyes’ contact lenses to their patients. This platform offers technical support and learning to the user together with an easy and comprehensive way to order contact lenses through advanced technology and empirical measurements taken at the clinic. Once an order is placed, the user will be able to access the order details, SKUs, and tracking code.

Important Features

The RxConnect platform provides numerous functions and features to help the user stay on top of the orders they make.

A user can create an account, and the vantage system will automatically generate a unique account number, a PIN, and a customer group code upon registration. When placing an order, the users will be shown only those products available to their country. The application allows a lot of flexibility, and a user can buy lenses for only one eye (left or right) or in pairs. Users can also track orders and check all shipment details.

The application also supplies fitting resources, instructions, as well as training videos for the users. It also consists of a Duette calculator, which is useful for choosing the correct contact lenses. Users can also subscribe to all the latest news and blog articles to keep updated.

RuviSoft is a great company with a professional team. The support they give is 10/10, and are always available to make any changes. I can recommend them a million times!

Seetha Janakiraman


The administrator has full access and control over the SynergEyes website as well as the vantage system. Below are the important functionalities the admin can manage.

Manage Products

Lenses and parameters can be added, edited or removed. Admin can also add accessories and set availability by country.

Multi Language Support

The application supports multiple languages, so the admin can add content in any specific language.

Manage Users and Roles

An admin can assign roles and permissions to specific users, can edit user details, and delete users.

Multiple Database Connections

The application interacts seamlessly with 3 databases through an API.

One Page Application

The users can place a new order, reorder, or modify an order without needing to refresh or reload the page.

Email and Notification

The admin can create reminders and notifications to increase sales and customer engagement.

Third Party Integration

Admins have full control over third-party plugins integrated into the RxConnect platform. They can also decide if a user has access and how much functionality is allowed.


An email platform that allows the admin to set up automatic email triggers to increase sales and user engagement.


An online tool that is used to track and verify whether a US postal address is valid.


Mailtrap is a tool to help test email functionality on a staging environment without spamming the user.


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