• About Project: The Institute for Jewish Spirituality helps thousands of people every year to slow down, reconnect with themselves and the world, and rediscover their sense of sacred purpose. They invite you to explore their website where you will find teachings, inspiration, guided meditation, and retreat opportunities to find inner peace and become more mindful, compassionate, and more resilient, all through the rich wisdom of Jewish tradition.
  • Tools and Technology: Laravel, Constant Contact, Vue.js, DonorPerfect, Zoom, HTML5, CSS3

Project Brief:

The Institute for Jewish Spirituality (IJS) is an educational website that provides online courses and resources on meditation, yoga, singing, prayer, working with Middot, and other skills that help people align their behaviors with their inner values. RuviSoft has developed the IJS teaching platform to offer a full range of functionality and flexibility for all its users. It allows the admin (backend user) to easily manage, personalize, and create new courses that can be delivered both online or in person.

A subscribed student can easily access each course by booking a seat, and the admin can create automatic reminders to remind its students to access the course work they have purchased. Each course is divided into modules, and the admin can set the pace of delivery and the estimated time a student has to complete each module. The course material is made available to the students in four format types, which are Audio, Audio+Video, Text Study, and Read Only.

Important Features

The features designed into the IJS platform can be divided into the functionalities that its three types of users need.

Admin – An admin has full access to the backend and can manage the users, modify their roles, keep track of all their actions, and set reminders for the users. An admin can manage and personalize all the courses and their price. They also have the right to add or delete a new admin as well as new teachers.

Students – Students can create an account on the IJS website, purchase education packages, book seats to attend various courses, join meditation sessions, and create orders. A student member can manage their account, set the pace to their education, and access all the course pages through the course dashboard.

Teachers – Teachers can subscribe to the IJS website, and the admin will give them additional rights and functionalities that are necessary for teachers to teach, guide, and test their students. Teachers can contribute to coursework, as well as test the student’s knowledge through multiple choice or essay questions.

I loved working with RuviSoft. They helped us to redefine and implement our ideas so efficiently! The best part about working with them is their support team and continuous suggestions about the product.

Stephanie Veillon


The administrator has full access to the IJS platform backend. Functionalities include; managing user roles, tracking the user actions and login reports, creating and managing course modules, their prices, and the resource library, as well as having the option to maintain the FAQs and questions for the partner page.

Multiple Course Builder

Create advanced courses with multiple modules that can be customized to have individual deadlines. You can also easily add resources.

Real Time Conversation

Students can discuss any topic using the real time chat feature. They can send private messages to individual students as well as group messages.

Resource Library

An admin can upload and categorize new resources to the library in four format types; Audio, Audio+Video, Text Study, and Text Only.

Manage Users and Roles

The admin is able to assign roles and different permissions to any specific user. Any user account can be edited or deleted as necessary.

Email Notifications

Email automation enables the admin to set targeted promotions, notifications, and reminders to increase sales and learner engagement.

Discussion Forum

Course-specific forums allow enrolled students to discuss the subjects they are following. A non-specific forum is also available for general help.

Create and Share Meditation

Set a meditation time for students to complete individually, or create online meditation classes for multiple students.

Frequently Asked Question

Receive, maintain, and publish all the FAQs with the option to create separate FAQs for students and teachers.

Sale and Progress Reports

An admin can see the Daily, Monthly, and Weekly course sales reports with the ability to download in .csv or .xls format.

Third Party Integration

The admin has full control over third party integrated plugins. He can manage which user can access them, and can decide how much functionality is allowed to each type of user.


It is a fundraising solution to manage donations, contacts, emails, and allows fundraising invitations.


It is a unified communication platform used to stream all live meditation classes and webinars.

Constant Contact

It is an email marketing tool to create and manage mailing lists, email templates, subscribers, and set autoresponders.


It is a registration management solution, which allows event organizers to create a customized registration page and send invites to individuals or a team.


It is an email platform that allows the admin to set up automatic email triggers that increase learner engagement.

PayPal Pro

It is a customized payment system that accepts credit and debit card payments directly on the merchant's website.


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