• About Project: InnovaRx Global Health is a company whose purpose is to bridge the gap in global healthcare services. It believes that healthcare is a right and not a privilege in a few global locations. For this reason, it has commissioned RuviSoft to create their mHealth app, to make medical care available to anyone with a mobile phone. It strives to minimize the disparity between users by finding sustainable solutions for any healthcare problems more simply and efficiently.
  • Tools and Technology: NativeScript-Vue, Vuex, PHP, Laravel, VaahCMS, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3

Project Brief:

InnovaRx Global Health (IGH) is a mobile application that makes health care solutions available globally. It does this through digital consultancy & therapy management, regular checkups with portable testing equipment, and pharmacy product distribution. It currently offers its services in the US and West Africa, with a plan to scale its services to further locations. 


Users can subscribe to this app and enroll for medical plans on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. The app has a health reminder facility, which provides the user with their medicine details and instructions on how to consume the right dose depending on their age group. It also stores soft copies of test reports, including info like product names, vat charged on the service, and price. The app can show the price in Dollars or Gambian dalasi. It also has a feature to convert the currency from Dollar to Gambian dalasi and vice-versa. This app supports Android and iOS devices.

Important Features

Once a user registers to the app and creates an account, several features will become available. All users have access to features, such as Test results, Medication, Recent orders, Health reminder, Ask a question, Product and Services, Billing, etc. The user will also have the capability to download their test reports and invoices in pdf format on Android. In the case of an iOS device, the user will receive the pdf document to their login email. The Product and Services section is an e-commerce shop where users can buy their medicine and subscribe to any service they require. Each product will show full delivery details, and the app allows users to pre-order any product that is currently out of stock. The Recent orders feature shows the status of any order and makes it easy for users to re-order their medication. A Medication section also provides updates on any new medicines that can be useful, while the Health reminder feature provides the user with instructions about their regular medication.

RuviSoft has transformed my dream into reality! We have now made healthcare and medical products more accessible through the mobile application they have designed and developed for us. They are a team of truly dedicated professionals. I'd recommend them anytime!

Dr. Gerard Mengang


The admin has full access to manage the mhealth app through the backend and perform the following useful tasks.


Add new products and medication with their image, details, and price. Discontinued products can also be removed.

Healthcare Services

Add new services and set their occurrence to a quarterly, monthly, or annual basis. Discontinued services can be removed.

Users Profile

Add and remove users, edit accounts, and track user actions. An admin can also create other admin accounts.


Health Reminders

Create health reminders to give information to users and remind them about their prescribed medication.

Test Results/ Health Summary

Upload Test Reports onto the user account in pdf format. Titles, test details, and results can be edited.


Send new messages with info and updates to users, or reply to any query any user makes.

Users Functionality

Registered users have access to the mobile app and are given the rights to particular features depending on their subscription.

Personal Information

Users can add and edit their details and profile image multiple times as necessary.

Ask A Question

Users can ask any query related to any product, medication, and service. They can also read all public messages and replies.

Test Results/ Health Summary

Users can download a pdf of their test reports to an Android device, or send it to their email in case of iOS devices.


Users can update their address and add multiple addresses whenever they want.

Save Cards

Users can save multiple card details to help them make purchases effortless and quicker.


Health Reminder

Reminds users about their medicine doses and precautions to keep users engaged and on schedule.

Request Products/ Services

Contain the details of all the products and services, from where users can order what they want.


Recent Orders help users reorder items, while Past Payments provides an option to download all invoices. Both contain delivered and in-progress items.

Third Party Integration

An admin has full control of the backend to third party integration. They can also decide which user has access to specific third party platforms and what features are made available.


It estimates the real-world geographic location of the user.


Is a payment gateway service that accepts credit cards and e-check payments online.

Daniel E85\CConverter\ Currency

Is a currency converter plug-in, used to convert Dollars to Gambian dalasi and vice-versa.


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